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About NorthCyprus Investing

Embarking On A Digital Transformation Journey In Cyprus, Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry And Making It Easier Than Ever To Buy And Sell A Home.
Experience The Future Of Real Estate In North Cyprus With Investra NCI! With A Passion For Progress And A Commitment To Excellence, We've Embarked On A Mission To Revolutionize The Housing Landscape. Say Goodbye To Outdated Practices And Hello To A New Era Of Innovation, Transparency, And Extraordinary Customer Experiences. Discover The Difference As We Pave The Way, Transforming North Cyprus's Real Estate Market With Cutting-edge Technologies, Expert Guidance, And A Dedication To Inclusivity. Join Us On This Exciting Journey As We Create A Brighter Future For All Seeking Their Dream Homes In North Cyprus!

Building A Seamless Transaction Experience.

Our Real Estate Software Brings You A Game-changing Feature: Real-time Pricing Updates. Gone Are The Days Of Uncertainty And Outdated Information. With Our Innovative Software, You Gain Access To Instant Pricing Updates, Ensuring You Have The Most Accurate And Up-to-date Market Data At Your Fingertips.

Propelling Growth Of North Cyprus

Whether You're A Buyer, Seller, Or Agent, This Powerful Platform Empowers You To Make Informed Decisions Based On Real-time Market Fluctuations. Say Goodbye To Guesswork And Hello To A Transparent And Dynamic Pricing Environment.

One-stop Shop For Up To Date Information

Stay Ahead Of The Competition And Seize Opportunities With Confidence. Experience The Future Of Real Estate Pricing With Our Cutting-edge Software, Transforming The Way You Navigate The Market

The Second Hand Of Agents

Empowering Real Estate Professionals With Unprecedented Support And Efficiency. With Our Comprehensive Suite Of Tools And Features, We Provide The Crucial 'second Hand' That Agents Need To Excel In Completing Tedious Manual And Bureaucratic Work. From Advanced Market Analytics And Intelligent Lead Generation To Streamlined Transaction Management, Our Platform Equips Agents With The Essential Resources To Deliver Exceptional Service And Achieve Outstanding Results. Together, We Redefine What It Means To Be An Agent In The Digital Age.

Our Mission

1. Accurate Price Information
Agents Face Significant Challenges In Accurately Assessing Property Prices Due To The Lack Of A Reliable And Efficient Pricing System
  • The First Key Issue Is The Volatile Nature Of Property Prices, Which Fluctuate Widely Based On Market Demand. This Unpredictability Makes It Difficult For Agents To Provide Accurate And Up-to-date Pricing Information To Their Clients.
  • Additionally, This Problem Is Further Compounded By The Fact That Constructors Determine Property Prices, Creating A Dependency On Direct Communication Between Agents And Constructors. As A Result, Agents Must Individually Contact Constructors To Inquire About Specific Property Prices, Leading To Inefficiency, Delays, And Potential Information Gaps.
  • A Solution Is Needed To Empower Agents With A Centralized And Automated Pricing System That Provides Real-time Property Price Insights, Enabling Them To Deliver More Accurate And Responsive Services To Their Clients.
    2. Facilitate Collaboration Between Parties
    A Critical Challenge Tied To The First Problem Is The Process Of Updating Property Prices, As Constructors Rely On Manual Methods As Their Primary Point Of Reference. This Outdated Approach Poses Several Issues:
  • Firstly, It Creates Inefficiencies As Prices Need To Be Manually Updated Across Multiple Properties Within A Subcategory Or Project.
  • Secondly, The Reliance On Manual Updates Introduces The Potential For Errors And Inconsistencies.
  • Thirdly, The Lack Of A Centralized And Automated Pricing System Makes It Difficult For Agents And Prospective Buyers To Access Real-time And Accurate Pricing Information.
  • To Address These Challenges, There Is A Pressing Need For A Modernized And Streamlined Pricing Mechanism That Enables Constructors To Easily And Accurately Update Prices Across Their Entire Property Inventory. This Solution Would Not Only Enhance Efficiency For Constructors But Also Provide Agents And Buyers With Reliable, Up-to-date Pricing Data, Resulting In A More Transparent And Efficient Real Estate Market.
    3. Reduce The Time It Takes To Become A Home Owner
    We Can Make Property Transactions A Breeze With Our Innovative Platform. We Simplify The Entire Process, Ensuring That Both Parties Can Exchange Documents Securely And Track Progress In Real-time
  • With Our Automation Features, Manual Tasks Are Taken Care Of, Minimizing Errors And Boosting Transparency.
  • Our Project Proposes That Property Transactions That Used To Take Weeks Or Even Months Can Now Be Completed In A Fraction Of The Time.
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    Thu, Aug 10 2023 08:08
    Russian Consular Services in Northern Cyprus
    The Russian Embassy serving the Greek Cypriot side of the island is set to extend consulate services to Russian citizens residing in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
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    Fri, Jul 28 2023 02:07
    Untapped potential of new real estate investments
    Northern Cyprus presents an endless range of premium investment opportunities for those seeking to diversify their portfolio or capitalize on the thriving real estate market.
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    Fri, Jul 21 2023 12:07
    The new Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus
    The opening of the long-awaited new terminal at the Ercan airport is finally here!
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    Sat, Jun 10 2023 08:06
    Historical Background about the island Cyprus
    The Island of Cyprus is situated in the far eastern end of the Mediterranean at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Africa and Asia. Due to its strategic location, it was ruled by many civi
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    Sat, Jun 10 2023 08:06
    TRNC flag on show at the Bahrain meeting
    The ‘TRNC’ flag was on display at the 146th Inter-parliamentary Union summit in Bahrain, alongside the flags of other countries.